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DragDropOptions Class Properties

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Public Properties
Public PropertyAllowDrag Gets or sets a value indicating whether the user can drag nodes within or outside of the treeview.  
Public PropertyAllowDrop Gets or sets a value indicating whether the treeview can accept nodes on drag & drop.  
Public PropertyAllowReorder Gets or sets the value indicating whether to allow reorder nodes being dragged within the current parent node.  
Public PropertyAutoCollapse Gets or sets a value indicating whether the node, which has been auto-expanded, will be auto-collapsed when the mouse exceeds the node bounds.  
Public PropertyAutoCollapseDelay Gets or sets the node auto-collapse delay in milliseconds.  
Public PropertyAutoExpandDelay Gets or sets the delay in milliseconds before the node under cursor will be auto-expanded.  
Public PropertyAutoExpandMode Gets or sets the auto-expand mode for nodes under the mouse cursor.  
Public PropertyDragContentOpacity Gets or sets the opacity level of the drag content image near the mouse cursor.  
Public PropertyDragStartSensitivity Gets or sets the size of a rectangle in pixels, centered on the point the mouse button was pressed, within which a drag operation will not begin.  
Public PropertyDropAction Gets or sets the action to execute when nodes has been dropped.  
Public PropertyDropMarkColor Gets or sets the color of the drop position mark.  
Public PropertyShowDragContent Gets or sets a value indicating whether to show an image of nodes being dragged near the mouse cursor.  
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