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Node Class Methods

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Public Methods
Public MethodAdd Adds the specified child node to the current node.  
Public MethodAddRange Adds the specified nodes to the current node.  
Public MethodAttachToOverloaded.  Adds the current node to the end of the specified node`s children collection.  
Public MethodCanMoveToParent Gets a value indicating whether this node can be moved to the specified parent node.  
Public MethodChangeChildrenCheckState Changes the check state of the children nodes.  
Public MethodClone Deep clone of the node.  
Public MethodCollapseChildrenOverloaded.  Collapses all node`s children nodes.  
Public MethodCompareTo Compares this instance with a specified node and returns an indication of their relative values.  
Public MethodDeselect Deselects node in treeview.  
Public MethodDetachOverloaded.  Removes current node from the parent node.  
Public MethodDropStyleClears the node`s personal Style settings. Next time when the treeview draw the node it will use the global defined node style.  
Public MethodEnableSortUndoPrepares this node to ability to restore children nodes original order as before any sort operation by calling the UndoSort method.  
Public MethodEnsureVisibleOverloaded.  Fully expands the current node and scrolls the treeview to this node if necessary.  
Public MethodExpandChildrenOverloaded.  Expands all node`s children nodes.  
Public MethodFindOverloaded.  Finds nodes within all children nodes using the specified predicate.  
Public MethodFindChildNodeByIdOverloaded. Finds the child node that implements the IIndexable<T> interface by the specified identifier and depth level.  
Public MethodFindChildNodeByTagOverloaded. Finds the child node by the Tag property value.  
Public MethodFindChildNodeByTextOverloaded. Finds the child node by the Text property value.  
Public MethodFindChildNodesByTagOverloaded. Finds children nodes by the Tag property value.  
Public MethodFindChildNodesByTextOverloaded. Finds children nodes by the Text property value.  
Public MethodFlashOverloaded.  Flashes this node.  
Public MethodFocusOverloaded.  Clears current selection and focuses this node in the treeview.  
Public MethodFreezeSortResultAfter sorting children nodes the node can restore state as before sort by UndoSort method. This method freezes the previous sort result so it can`t be undo.  
Public MethodFullExpand Expands all node`s parents.  
Public MethodGetBackColor Gets the node personal background color.  
Public MethodGetColorGets the node color of the specified color identifier pColor and node control.  
Public MethodGetFont Gets the node font according to the specified node control and draw state.  
Public MethodInvalidate Invalidates this node in the treeview.  
Public MethodInvalidateVisibilityOverloaded.  Invalidates the node visibility, according to visibility filters, and either show or hide the node.  
Public MethodIsParentNode Checks whether the specified node is a one of the current node`s parents.  
Public MethodMoveDownMoves down (change the Index property value) the node within the parent node.  
Public MethodMoveUpMoves up (changes the Index property value) the node within the parent node.  
Public MethodSelectOverloaded.  Selects this node in the treeview.  
Public MethodSortOverloaded.  Sorts the children nodes in the specified order.  
Public MethodSwitchVisibility Applies the node visibility state.  
Public MethodToStringReturns a string that represents the current object.  
Public MethodUndoSort Restores children nodes original order as before sort.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodCopyFrom Copies the node information from the specified source.  
Protected MethodCreateInstance Creates the new node instance.  
Protected MethodGetCheckState Gets the node check state.  
Protected Internal MethodIsNodeVisible Determines whether node is visible by processing all the node visibility filters.  
Protected MethodOnContentChanged Notifies node about its content changes and invalidates it in the treeview.  
Protected Internal MethodOnSelectionChanged Called when the node selection state has changed, i.e. it became either selected or unselected.  
Protected MethodSetCheckState Sets the node check state.  
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