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ISummaryDataProvider Interface Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by ISummaryDataProvider.

Public Properties
 PropertyDisplayFormat Gets the data provider value`s display format.  
 PropertyIcon Gets or sets the icon that identifies the data provider operation.  
 PropertyOperation Gets the summary operation that this provider is implemented.  
 PropertyOperationName Gets or sets the name of the operation supported by this provider.  
 PropertyOperationNameDelimiter Gets or sets the string that delimits the operation short name and summary value when summary is displayed.  
 PropertyOperationShortName Gets or sets the short name of the operation supported by this provider.  
Public Methods
 MethodGetSummaryValue Gets the summary value for the specified node.  
 MethodIsNodeControlSupported Determines whether the data provider`s operation is allowed for the specified node control.  
Public Events
 EventProviderChanged Occurs when the provider has changed.  
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