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ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.Summary Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassMultiLevelSummaryItemsCollection<T> Base class for multi-level summary storages.
ClassNodesSummaryItem Allows you to display the summary for all nodes in the treeview using one summary item.
ClassNodesSummaryItemsCollection Allows to define summaries displayed for every node in the treeview.
ClassNodeSummaryItem Allows you to display the summary for every single node.
ClassNodeSummaryItemsCollection Allows you to define summaries for every single node in the treeview.
ClassSummaryItem Base class for treeview summaries.
ClassSummaryItemsCollectionBase<T> Base class for summary storages.
ClassTreeviewSummaries Allows you to define and control treeview summaries.
ClassTreeviewSummaryItem Allows you to show the summary for all nodes in the treeview.
ClassTreeviewSummaryItemsCollection Allows you to display summaries for root nodes.
InterfaceIMultiLevelSummary Base interface for summaries storage that allows you to show summaries on many levels.
InterfaceISummaryItem Base class for treeview summaries.
InterfaceISummaryStorage Base interface for a storage that`s holds and displays the group of summaries.
EnumerationeSummaryOperation Defines summary operations.
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