Flexible TreeView 5.1.9 Help
Columns header

Column header is an area with the columns' titles at the top of the treeview. To show it, enable the Options.Column.ShowColumnHeader treeview property. Also, you can change the header height by changing the ColumnHeaderHeight treeview property.

Column title

Every column shows a text title in the column's header which text contains in the Text property.
To control the column title use these properties:


Image in the header

You can show an image in the column header by using the Image property. To change the image alignment, use the ImageAlign property.


TreeColumn col = new TreeColumn("User name", 200);
col.Image = Resources.MyColumnImage;
col.ImageAlign = eColumnImageAlign.Right;
Dim col As New TreeColumn("User name", 200)
col.Image = Resources.MyColumnImage
col.ImageAlign = eColumnImageAlign.Right


Override header icons

By default, Flexible TreeView uses system or Office2007 theme column header icons but you are able to override them by using the Images treeview property.


tree.Images.ColumnSortDown = mySortDownIcon;
tree.Images.ColumnSortUp = mySortUpIcon;
tree.Images.ColumnDragPositionMark = myDragIcon;
tree.Images.ColumnDragPositionMarkDenied = myDragDeniedIcon;
tree.Images.ColumnSortDown = mySortDownIcon
tree.Images.ColumnSortUp = mySortUpIcon
tree.Images.ColumnDragPositionMark = myDragIcon
tree.Images.ColumnDragPositionMarkDenied = myDragDeniedIcon

Choose visible columns

When working with a treeview the user may want to hide some treeview columns. To do that he can just click the columns header and select 'Column chooser' popup menu item.

Also, the column chooser dialog can be shown from the code by calling the ShowColumnChooseForm treeview method.



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