Flexible TreeView 5.1.9 Help

Flexible TreeView allows to tweak its appearance to fit the treeview look to your project style and requirements. Apart from themes and their customization, Flexible TreeView provides the following additional possibilities to tweak its appearance:




The treeview appearance boolean flags are gathered in Options.Appearance treeview property. This property holds the settings that did not appear in a more specific setting property.




The TextStyle treeview property defines appearance of a text content.

Ones of its properties are those that define how a HTML link is appeared in the treeview. These properties are:



To change the treeview background settings the Background treeview property should be used. Note that the BackgroundImageBackgroundImageLayout and BackColor standard properties are deprecated and replaced with Background property.

It contains following properties to customize the background:



Color property allows to define the background color or color gradient. Below is an example of how to specify either a solid color or color gradient for background.

// Use solid color.
tree.Background.Color = new ColorGradient(Color.Green);

// Use color gradient.
tree.Background.Color = new ColorGradient(Color.LightBlue, Color.Blue);
' Use solid color.
tree.Background.Color = New ColorGradient(Color.Green)

' Use color gradient.
tree.Background.Color = New ColorGradient(Color.LightBlue, Color.Blue)

To make treeview background semitransparent the Color property support colors with transparency as shown below.

tree.Background.Color = new ColorGradient(Color.FromArgb(50, Color.Green));
tree.Background.Color = New ColorGradient(Color.FromArgb(50, Color.Green))


Wallpaper property allows to specify the treeview background wallpaper. To change the wallpaper image use the Image property. Also AlignLayout and Opacity properties can be used to adjust the background image settings.



Watermark property allows to specify the treeview watermark image. The Image property should be used to specify the watermark image. Also AlignLayout and Opacity properties can be used to adjust the watermark settings.




To change the treeview visible border sides the Border treeview property should be used. It is marked with FlagsAttribute attribute so any border side visibility could be controlled separately, as shown below.

tree.Border = eBorder.Left | eBorder.Right;
tree.Border = eBorder.Left Or eBorder.Right




In order to change the treeview cursor appearance the Cursor treeview property should be used. The changed cursor is applied to overall treeview. To change cursor for a particular node control, the Cursor node control property should be used instead.

Below is how to change the treeview cursor.

tree.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor;
tree.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor




Flexible TreeView has two node height modes, static - when all nodes have the same height in pixels, and dynamic - when each node height is calculated dynamically depends on the node content. The mode is switched by changing the Options.Node.AutoNodeHeight treeview boolean property, when it is disabled (FALSE, by default), the static height mode is enabled, otherwise, dynamic height mode is enabled.

When the node static height mode is activated, the node height could be changed by using the PreferredNodeHeight treeview property, which by default equals to 22 pixels.



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