Flexible TreeView 5.1.9 Help
Trial Version

If you have not yet purchased Flexible TreeView but would like to try it, you are free to download the trial version from www.FlexibleTreeView.com.

Before downloading and installing trial version of Flexible TreeView, make sure that your system meet system requirements.


To obtain trial version:


Note that the Flexible TreeView installation must be run under a Windows administrator account to properly install it!


To install trial version:

Extend trial period

If Flexible TreeView's 21 days trial period has expired but you need more time to trial our product you can extend the trial period by following the steps below.

After running this command 5 (five) additional days will be added to your trial period. Only 5 (five) tries to run this command is available which in turn gives 25 days of additional trialing.

If you need more time to trial Flexible TreeView, please contact us.



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