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  • To provide you with high quality purchasing process in a secure environment, we cooperate with the international software registration service Avangate.
  • To receive the registered version of Flexible TreeView, please provide an e-mail address which doesn`t block attachments with .exe files (we`ll send you one registered version installation file)! If you didn`t receive your license key within two work days after ordering, this means that your mail server blocked our e-mails. Please contact us or e-mail us on .

Looking for new Flexible TreeView License?

  • Distribute freely with your applications, 100% royalty free.
  • 30-day money back  guarantee.
  • 12 months of  free updates (both major and minor) and rapid support via our Support Forums (access to the private Customer Support Forum for the first priority support) or
  • 1 License per developer. Developer can use license on desktop machine and laptop.
  • No license for dedicated build machine.
  • After your payment has been confirmed we will email you instructions on how to install your license key and access our private Customer Support Forum

Already own Flexible TreeView license?

If you already own a Flexible TreeView license which was obtained more than 12 months ago, please renew your license within 30 days after your license's subscription expiration and receive any major or minor upgrades and our technical support for free.

Compare editions

Flexible TreeView comes in Personal or Enterprise editions. Please read this topic carefully before using Flexible TreeView or buying licenses!


ProductPersonal EditionEnterprise Edition
New License
New developer license(s) with 12 months Subscription for technical support and free updates.
Source Codes
Purchase source codes with 12 months of free updates. You need a Developer License for every your developer even if you bought source codes. Please read the Source Code FAQ before purchase!
Subscription Renewal
Renew Subscription for free support and all major and minor updates. This option may only be used if you have already purchased the renewing license and it has been expired within last 30 days.
* All prices are in US Dollars currency.
* You will be redirected to the secure on-line server where you can place an order.

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Purchase tips

Purchase FAQ

If you have questions regarding purchasing or licensing Flexible TreeView please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Payment Questions?

If you have questions about payments, ordering or shipping procedures, or if you have ordered Flexible TreeView and would like to review your order information, please visit Shopper support or view Payment FAQ (both provided by Avangate).

End-User License Agreement

Please refer to the End-User License Agreement for detailed license terms.

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