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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This page provides answers to frequently-asked questions about Flexible TreeView purchase, licensing and support.


What is your privacy policy?

Please, click here to view our privacy policy.


Is there an evaluation available for Flexible TreeView?

Yes, there is a free fully functional 21-day trial version available for Flexible TreeView which can be downloaded from our Download page. The trial version works the same as a registered version - you will get to see all features in action. Only a nag screen will remind you about evaluation.
The trial version may not be used in any production application.

Can I extend trial period for additional testing?

Yes, you can extend your trial period if you need additional time to evaluate Flexible TreeFiew features. Please contact us for details.


What is your subscription policy?

Every new License includes 12 months (from original date of purchase) of free technical support via our Support Forums or e-mail () and all major and minor updates.
After your subscription expires, you will have the option to renew it for our support and free updates. This allows you to keep up-to-date with the latest versions as they become available.
Please note that you`re eligible to renew your expired Subscription only within 30 days from the day of expiration.
Additionally, after your subscription expires you are free to use Flexible TreeView in any existing or new applications but you will not receive any future updates or access to support.


Is there an EULA (End-User License Agreement) available for Flexible TreeView?

Please refer to the EULA (End-User License Agreement) for detailed license terms.

How many licenses do I need to purchase?

You need a license for each software developer that works with Flexible TreeView. This means that each developer on your project that either directly or indirectly works with Flexible TreeView in design-time or writes a code to work either directly or indirectly with Flexible TreeView in run-time, requires their own developer license. Please visit our Buy Now page to order the license.

How many licenses do I need to purchase if I work on my desktop and laptop?

If Flexible TreeView control is being used on both a desktop and laptop for a single organization and only by you, then one developer license is all what you need.
If you are using the control on your desktop for a license your work owns but you are using the control on your laptop for personal development, then you need two licenses since there are two organizations involved (your work and you personally).

Do I need to purchase a license for a build machine?

Licensing is per-developer and not per-machine, therefore you do not need an additional license for a dedicated build machine. Just apply your existing Developer License on the build machine.

Do you provide a site license?

No, we do not provide a site license. Each developer on your project requires their own developer license if they work with the control.

Are there any run-time licensing fees or royalties?

No, there are no run-time licensing fees or royalties for Flexible TreeView control. As long as you own the proper amount of developer licenses, you are all set.

Can I buy source code?

Yes, you can buy the source code with 12 months of free updates. Flexible TreeView is a .NET component written in C#, so source code that you will receive will be in C# language. Source code will be available within 2 weeks after the Flexible TreeView release.
Please note that:
  • You need the Developer License for every your developer even if you bought source codes. Source codes intended to learn Flexible TreeView behavior in details or customize it for your needs but they couldn`t be used instead of Developer License in any way.
  • No returns are accepted on source code orders.
  • We do not provide support for source code.
You may not sell or distribute:
  • The source code or any part of it.
  • A modified part of the source code.
  • A compiled version of the source code.
  • A modified compiled version of the source code.
You may sell an application which uses the compiled source code or a modification of it but with restrictions, stated in the End-User License.


Customer Care Center

To provide you with high quality purchasing process in a secure environment, we cooperate with the international software registration service Avangate.
If you have questions about payments, ordering or shipping procedures, or if you have ordered Flexible TreeView and would like to review your order information, please visit Shopper support or view Payment FAQ (both provided by Avangate).

What is your money back policy?

There is a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, we will refund your money, no questions asked.
Note that in the case of a refund for an incorrect order (due to misunderstanding or violating the rules, as stated in the License or elsewhere on this site, etc.) or money back request, all expenses for that order (reseller commission, etc.) would be subtracted from the total sum returned. Contact us for details.
Please notice, that in order to prevent fraudulent orders, the temporary license could be issued for some customers without a formal notification about that! Such the temporary license need to be explicitly replaced by a permanent license when the initial license has expired. The expiration date of these temporary licenses are different per customer and when such a license has expired, the appropriate error message are shown on your project build time.

How can I purchase Flexible TreeView?

To place an order please visit our Buy Now page. When you are ready to order, click that page's Buy Now button and follow the easy steps to place your Flexible TreeView order.
Orders are generally processed within 1 business day, but may take up to 2 business days to process. When your order is processed and payment is received you will get a registration letter to the email address you provided while placing an order. Please, follow steps in this e-mail to install your license.

What payment methods do you accept?

For order processing, we accept all major credit cards, PayPal, purchase order etc. Please, visit Avangate`s Payment FAQ page for details.

Are there volume discounts for multiple license purchases?

Though we already have extremely competitive prices, we do provide volume discounts for customers who purchase license packs.
Please visit our Buy Now page for details.

After Purchasing

What delivery options are available?

Flexible TreeView license key(s) is delivered electronically to the email address you provided while placing an order.
Flexible TreeView installation is delivered electronically. You can download the latest version of Flexible TreeView from the Download page.
The delivery is free and does not enforce any additional shipping fees.

I am a current customer. How can I download the latest version that I own?

When a new version is released please write us to and we will send you the new version installation.
Please note that you must have a not expired Flexible TreeView Subscription when requesting updates!
Please subscribe to our news feed to be notified when new versions are available.

What to do with a Flexible TreeView license key?

For more details of how to use your license please refer to this topic.


What type of support do you provide?

We want you to get the most from our product long after the initial purchase and installation and we are dedicated to ensuring that any issues are resolved to your satisfaction.
We provide support via our Support Forums primarily or via e-mail.
If you can`t use our support forums or can`t send a support request to our e-mail, please contact us.

What should I provide when requesting support via e-mail?

Include the following information in your support request:
  • Your License Key Token for Flexible TreeView you own is required to receive support. If using trial version please indicate so.
  • Flexible TreeView version number.
  • Visual Studio.NET version (if applies to your problem).
  • Operation system version.
  • Description of the problem.
  • Necessary steps to reproduce the problem.
  • Create and attach the sample project if possible. This is extremely helpful to help us reproduce the issue. Please, do not send us the code in e-mail as text rather create the sample project and send it.
Please send your support requests to .

How long does it take to process a support request?

Support requests are generally processed within 1 business day, but may take up to 2 business days to find a solution of your issue.
If you did not received our support within the specified response time it means that we have not received your message which could be due to the spam filtering on either your side or ours. Try changing the subject and/or content of your message and re-send it. If you still can`t send your support request, please contact us or post your issue to our Support Forums.

Do you provide phone support?

No, we don't provide phone support.
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