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DataBindingElementAttribute Class Properties

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Public Properties
Public PropertyAutoSizeColumn Gets or sets whether the generated treeview column is auto-sized.  
Public PropertyColumnWidth Gets or sets the auto-generated column width in pixels.  
Public PropertyDisplayName Gets or sets the column`s caption where this bound property is displayed.  
Public PropertyFillFreeSpace Gets or sets a value indicating whether to fill all the available column space by the generated node control or fill only the space to display the bound field`s data.  
Public PropertyIsCheckState Gets or sets a value indicating whether this`s the property which stores the data object check state and changing the node CheckState property should change this property as well. Used to enable interactive check state with bound data source.  
Public PropertyNodeControlType The type of node control to instantiate which will manage the bound property this attribute is applied to.  
Public PropertyReadOnly Gets or sets a value indicating whether to deny edit of the bound property in the treeview.  
Public PropertyTypeId (Inherited from System.Attribute)
Public PropertyVisible Gets or sets a value indicating whether the property is visible for the treeview`s datasource parser.  
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