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ImageAnimationContext Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by ImageAnimationContext.

Public Fields
Public FieldContextChanged Raises when context changes. (Inherited from ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.AnimationContext)
Protected Fields
Protected FieldCurrentFrameIndexCurrent frame index within Frames array.  
Protected FieldFrameId Current frame identifier.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyEnabled Gets or sets a value indicating whether animation is enabled. (Inherited from ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.AnimationContext)
Public PropertyFrames Gets or sets the animation frames.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodDoGetFirstFrame Returns first animation frame.  
Protected MethodGetNextFrame Gets the next animation frame.  
Protected MethodNextFrame Switch to the next frame.  
Protected MethodOnContextChanged Notifies about context changes. (Inherited from ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.AnimationContext)
Protected MethodReset Resets animation.  
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