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ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.NodeControls Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassBindableControl Base class for node controls which can retrieve and update node class`s properties.
ClassEditableControl Base class for node controls which can edit the node`s content.
ClassExpandableControl Base class for node controls with auto-expand ability.
ClassNodeButton The node control that displays the (un)bound button in the treeview node and handle its clicks.
ClassNodeCheckBox Represents a check box node control.
ClassNodeColorPicker The node control that allows to select color or color gradient from the Office2007 styled color picker.
ClassNodeColumnBackground Node control that fills portion of the column where it is shown with a bound color or color gradient.
ClassNodeComboBox Represents a combo box node control.
ClassNodeComboBoxEnum Combo box node control that supports binding to the data fields of System.Enum type.
ClassNodeComboBoxString Combo box node control that supports binding to a string data field.
ClassNodeControl Base class for all node controls.
ClassNodeControlCollection Collection of node controls.
ClassNodeControlContainer Represents the node control which shows custom control inside a node.
ClassNodeControlData Contains information about one node control.
ClassNodeControlStyle Defines the node control style.
ClassNodeDateTime Represents a node control for displaying a data and time.
ClassNodeExpandableControlContainer Represents an expandable node control to show a custom control in the expandable area.
ClassNodeExpandablePanel Represents an expandable node control which redirects the custom area displaying to the external code through ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.FlexibleTreeView.MeasureNodeControlCustomArea and ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.FlexibleTreeView.PaintNodeControlCustomArea events.
ClassNodeExpandableTextBox Represents the node control with a title and description text and with auto-expanding capabilities.
ClassNodeImage Represents the node control for displaying images inside a node.
ClassNodeLink Represents a node control for displaying a text as a hyperlink. To catch the link click, subscribe to the ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.FlexibleTreeView.LinkClicked
ClassNodeMarker Node control that draws vertical marker line on the left side each node.
ClassNodeNumeric Represents a node control for displaying a numeric data.
ClassNodePaintBox Node control class which appearance completely relies on the user code through events.
ClassNodePlusMinus Represents the plus-minus sign node control for nodes with children.
ClassNodePopupContainer Popupable node control to show the popup with a custom content when node control was clicked.
ClassNodeProgressBar Node control that displays the progress bar in the treeview node.
ClassNodeSeparator Represents a node control for displaying the separator line.
ClassNodeTextBox Represents a node control for displaying a text data.
ClassPopupControl Base class for popup node controls.
ClassStaticTextControl Base class for text node controls without edit ability.
ClassTextControl Base class for text node controls.
InterfaceIAttachableControl Interface to dynamically interact with controls which can be attached to the treeview using NodeControlContainer node control.
InterfaceIDrawPrioritizedControl Base interface for node controls that have first priority when the treeview is rendered.
EnumerationeEditStartMode Defines when to start edit of the node control`s content.
EnumerationeNodeControlChangeType Defines the node control change type.
EnumerationeNodeControlFilterMode Defines the node control filtration modes.
EnumerationeNodeControlVisibility Defines the node control visibility within a node.
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