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ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassAnimationContext Base class for animation.
ClassBackgroundSettings Holds the treeview background settings.
ClassContainerCollection Holds collection of ControlContainer.
ClassControlContainer Custom control wrapper to display it within a node using custom control hosting node controls like ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.NodeControls.NodeControlContainer or ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.NodeControls.NodeExpandableControlContainer
ClassDisplayFormat Defines the formatting for an object.
ClassDragDropContent Contains the treeview`s drag & drop information.
ClassDragDropOptions Contains treeview drag & drop settings.
ClassDragDropState State of the current drag & drop operation.
ClassDrawContext The context for drawing different parts of the treeview.
ClassFadeOutImageAnimation Defines fadeout images animation settings.
ClassFlexibleTreeView Displays hierarchical data.
ClassHorizontalScrollBar Wrapper for the OS`s horizontal scroll bar control.
ClassHtmlTextHelper HTML text manipulations helper class.
ClassHtmlTextTag One HTML tag information.
ClassImageAnimationContext Base class for image animation.
ClassImageHolder Holds and manages one image instance.
ClassImageNotDefinedException Represents errors that occurs when a visual element`s image is not defined.
ClassNodeControlFilter Filters the node control visibility within a one node.
ClassNodeMovementException Represents errors that occurs when a node can not move to the new parent because of cyclic relationships etc.
ClassNonTreeBindableAttribute Applying this attribute to the property or field in the data source forbids binding this property or field to the treeview.
ClassObjectVisibilityManager Manages the object`s visibility within a treeview.
ClassPopupContent Popupable node control`s popup content.
ClassSequenceImageAnimation Defines fadeout images animation settings.
ClassSortContext Contains a nodes sorting operation additional information.
ClassStateImagesCollection Holds node state images.
ClassTextContentStyle Defines the common style for a text content.
ClassTextLayoutHelper Lays the text out.
ClassTextStyle Defines a text content style.
ClassTreeBindOrderAttribute Defines data source property`s order when binding to the treeview.
ClassTreeOptions Holds the treeview options.
ClassTreeOptions.AppearanceOptions Defines the treeview`s appearance options.
ClassTreeOptions.BehaviorOptions Defines the treeview`s behavior options.
ClassTreeOptions.ColumnOptions Defines a column options list.
ClassTreeOptions.NodeControlOptions Defines a node control options list.
ClassTreeOptions.NodeOptions Defines a node options list.
ClassTreeOptions.SelectionOptions Defines the node selection options.
ClassTreeOptions.SortingOptions Defines the treeview`s content sort options.
ClassTreeOptions.SummaryOptions Defines summaries options.
ClassVerticalScrollBar Wrapper for the OS`s vertical scroll bar control.
InterfaceIHtmlTagInspector Base interface for html tag inspectors which may process those tags before the treeview show them.
InterfaceIScrollBarControl Wrapper interface for the scroll bar control.
InterfaceITreeviewDependant Defines interface for objects linked with a treeview.
DelegateColumnActionEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the treeview columns related events.
DelegateCompareNodesHandler Compares two nodes.
DelegateFilterDragNodeControlEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the FlexibleTreeView.FilterDragNodeControl event.
DelegateGetColorGradientHandler Represents the method for retrieving a color gradient by color gradient identifier.
DelegateGetColorHandler Represents the method for retrieving a color by color identifier.
DelegateNodeControlValueGetEventHandler Represents the method that takes a treeview instance and event arguments for the FlexibleTreeView.NodeControlValueGet event.
DelegateRecreateNodeHandler Represents the callback method for the FlexibleTreeView.RecreateNodePath method.
DelegateTreeAction Represents the method that takes no parameters and does not return a value.
DelegateTreeAction<T> Represents the method that takes a sender object in parameters and does not return a value.
DelegateTreeEventHandler Represents the method that takes a treeview instance in parameters and does not return a value.
DelegateTreeEventHandler<T> Represents the method that takes a treeview instance and additional arguments in parameters and does not return a value.
EnumerationeBorder Defines the treeview border visible sides.
EnumerationeColumnImageAlign Defines the column image alignment.
EnumerationeCompareResult Defines objects comparison result.
EnumerationeDragAutoExpandMode Defines how and when to auto-expand a node under the mouse cursor on drag & drop.
EnumerationeDropAction Defines an action to execute when nodes has been dropped.
EnumerationeDropPosition Defines the drop position according to a node under the mouse cursor on drag & drop.
EnumerationeHorizontalSideAlignment Defines an simple horizontal alignment.
EnumerationeHoverStyle Defines how changes the node appearance when node is under the mouse cursor.
EnumerationeImageAlign Defines an image alignment.
EnumerationeImageLayout Defines an image layout.
EnumerationeLocalizableResource Defines the treeview`s localizable resources.
EnumerationeNodeExpansionMode Defines when to auto-expand or auto-collapse the clicked node.
EnumerationeNodeFilterMode Defines the node visibility filtering mode in the treeview.
EnumerationeNodeHighlightMode Defines how selected node should be highlighted.
EnumerationeNodeSelectionMode Defines the nodes selection mode.
EnumerationeObjectVisibility Defines node states for which to show an object.
EnumerationeSmartVerticalScrollMode Defines smart vertical scroll modes.
EnumerationeStringTrimming Specifies how to trim characters from a string that does not completely fit into a specified area.
EnumerationeTextColor Defines foreground colors list for a text content.
EnumerationeTextOptions Defines the text processing options.
EnumerationeTextStyle Defines the text styles.
EnumerationeTextWrapMode Defines text content wrap modes.
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