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Flexible TreeView v2.8

We are pleased to present you with the new version 2.8 of Flexible TreeView, which provides more flexibility when dealing with hierarchical data.

We thank our users for their feedback. We always trying to review each feedback individually and implement it in the next new versions if possible.
Currently we are working hard to port Flexible TreeView to Silverlight and WPF platforms; alongside we are considering the possibility of implementing Flexible TreeView on ASP.NET and Windows Phone 7. Thus, you will get the opportunity to work with hierarchical data on the desktop platforms as well as in the Web.


Main changes in this release

Moveable plus-minus sign

The main new feature of this release is that now you get the possibility to move the plus-minus sign into other columns and to display node controls on the left side of the plus-minus sign – these give you even more flexibility when displaying hierarchical data.

From the developer's point of view nothing has changed – all node controls on the left side of the plus-minus sign work as before, i.e. support editing, alignment, animation, etc.
From the user's point of view, now the information is perceived even more easily since you can quickly and non-intrusively display any data on the left side of a node to attract user's attention; at the same time the interface is still user-friendly.

Please check this topic for details.



In the previous versions there was the DragDropOptions.AutoMoveNodes property which let automatically move nodes in a tree on drag & drop. The new version extends the aforementioned possibilities and replaces DragDropOptions.AutoMoveNodes property by the DragDropOptions.DropAction property where you can choose various automatic actions on drag & drop. Now it is sufficient to modify only one property to let the tree perform complex operations.

Available actions:

  • Notify - do not do any automatic actions, instead notify about termination of drag & drop operation by the DragDrop event;
  • AutoMove - automatically move dragged nodes into the specified node in this or any other tree;
  • AutoCopycopy nodes if, while dragging the nodes, the Control button was pressed. Use Clone node method to copy the nodes;
  • AutoMoveOrCopy - use the AutoMove mode if the Control button wasn't pressed when you dragged the nodes, or use the AutoCopy mode in case the Control button was pressed.

Please check this topic for additional details.



Before NodeImage node control allowed to display only a static image. This release expands the possibilities for an interaction with a user and allows to display another image when the mouse cursor hovers over the node control.

You can display a hover image with a one line of code

You just need to set a node class member in the HoverDataFieldName property where such an image is stored.

Please check this topic for additional details.


License Manager

Usually, Flexible TreeView license can be installed using Visual Studio. If Visual Studio isn't installed on the computer or build machine you can install your License Key using the supplied License Manager console application located in the Tools\LicenseManager.exe file in the Flexible TreeView installation folder.

Please check this topic for additional details.


We would appreciate your feedback concerning new and existing possibilities of Flexible TreeView. In case you could not find some features in Flexible TreeView, please inform us about it and we shall consider the possibility of implementing them in new versions.

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Release date:
Oct 17, 2016

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