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Flexible TreeView v4.0

Fourth version of Flexible TreeView went public with a lot of new features and improvements. New node control, useful column controls, dozen of improvements and bug fixes to bring our users' productivity to the new level.

So, below is what we've done and happy to present to our dear users.

Column Controls

Column controls are kind of node controls but for columns and they are shown in the column header. You can add as many different column controls to each column as you need, align them, tweak their behavior or appearance or even create custom controls. Your imagination is not limited.


In first release we deliver only DropDownColumnControl column control that allows to display some content in a popup by clicking on its dropdown button. The popup content could be either a context menu, a custom control or you can handle the button click and display what you need manually.

Please read our updated Knowledge Base to know more about new column controls. We would be happy if you will share your feedback about column controls with us.

NodeButton node control

You don't need to implement a custom control to show the button in the treeview anymore! The NodeButton new node control was added to display a button and handle its clicks with the couple lines of code:


All the power of node controls like data binding, node control filtration, node control content alignment/wrapping/trimming, HTML tags support (even for System theme!) and much more is available out of the box!

Please read this new Knowledge Base topic to know more about NodeButton node control.

NodeCheckBox node control improvements

The NodeCheckBox node control was improved to support both bool and Nullable<bool> data types in either bound and unbound modes. So, now just bind a data object with the boolean property and get the checkbox control with no additional effort. The original ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.Nodes.eCheckState data type is still supported. 

Data binding improvements

The DataBindingElementAttribute attribute has received a massive update to make the data binding even easier. Now with a single line of code you can control which type of node control will be generated to display the bound data, the generated column width or whether to fill whole column space by a generated node control.

Also, double and byte data types are now supported out-of-the-box and will show the NodeNumeric node control for the bound property of that type.

New node control filtration mode

Till this release Flexible TreeView had the static and dynamic node controls filtration modes. They cover most of the needs but require a bit of additional coding when you just need to adjust the node control's Visibility property and go. For the last case we added new UseVisibility filtration mode which looks only at the node control's Visibility property and shows or hides the node control respectively.

Read this updated Knowledge Base topic for details.


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Oct 17, 2016

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