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Flexible TreeView v4.1

The long-awaited update is here and below is what we have done so far.


Knowledge base changes

With this release we improved our Knowledge Base by merging it with Flexible TreeView developer reference which was only available with local installation, restructured it and make it available both on the site online and with Flexible TreeView installation locally.

New Knowledge Base is available online here. To open it locally just open the Help\FlexibleTreeView.chm help file.

While working with new Knowledge Base you have a possibility to search it by keywords.


Treeview transparent background support

Previous versions of Flexible TreeView could not be used on a semitransparent forms because treeview could have only a solid background color. With this release we added the transparent background support which allows to use Flexible TreeView in wider scenarios.


background-color HTML tag support

We extend the supported HTML tags list with the background-color tag which allows to change the background color for the inner tags. Read this topic for details.


Track treeview horizontal scrolling

The new ScrollXShift treeview property has been exposed to monitor the treeview horizontal scroll shift. It could be useful when creating own custom node controls.


DataProvider for each summary item

Previously, the created summary item's DataProvider property was read-only, the data provider was retrieved from a global data providers repository, and changing the data provider for single summary item was impossible. With this release we added the possibility to change the data provider for each summary item just by changing its DataProvider property.


Control the expandable control expansion state

Previously, you was not able to control when the expandable node control (like NodeExpandabletextBox) became expanded or collapsed and the node control solely owned this logic. With this release the IsExpanded expandable control property became virtual, so you could override it and customize the expansion logic as you need. For example, it could be useful if you want to prevent some parent nodes expansion while keep their children nodes expandable.


Regex support while searching the nodes

With this release the FindChildNodeByText and FindChildNodesByText node methods are able to search the nodes by a regular expression. Just wrap the passed search pattern parameter with ^ and $, that is all.
For example, to find all children nodes with numbers in their text use this code: node.FindChildNodesByText<Node>("^\\d$");
Note that if the passed search pattern does not start with ^ or does not end with $ characters the old search logic by a text part will be used.


Substitute the column instance on data binding

With previous versions, while binding a list to the treeview the corresponding columns were created automatically and user had no access to the changing columns there. With this release you can override the CreateBoundColumn treeview method and create own custom column instances while binding a data source to your treeview. It adds more flexibility in the data-bound scenario.


Show the columns choose form manually

Tiny but quite useful feature that was requested many times was added in this release. Now you can show the column shooser dialog from the code by calling the ShowColumnChooseForm treeview method.


Hope you will find this release useful for your projects. Please, share with us your feedback.

Read the change log for release notes.

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Oct 17, 2016

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