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Flexible TreeView v5.1

This release brings some useful features and fixes, so here is what we've delivered so far:


Nodes selection improvements

Previously, by clicking a node with Control or Shift keys pressed the treeview didn't look at Options.Selection.SelectionMode treeview option value that could lead to a situation when this option allows to select only one node while treeview allowed to select many nodes. This was confusing to the end-user.

It is now fixed and treeview respect the Options.Selection.SelectionMode treeview option while selecting nodes.


Data binding behavior improvements

In previous versions, if new data object has been added into the bound data source the treeview silently adds a new node for this object. This behavior made the treeview changes monitoring harder and spread this monitoring across many places. With new version, the NodePopulating treeview event will be fired for each added data object which allows to monitor such changes in one place, in this event's handler.


Possible freeze on parent form dispose

A bug was discovered that could freeze the application for some time if a treeview's parent form was disposed and treeview has a lot of nodes. It was fixed now.


Nodes visibility issue when clearing the treeview

There were rare cases when the treeview parent form was needed to close from within the treeview's event handler what lead to an unhandled exception. Flexible TreeView is handling this now and parent form could be closed successfully.


Nodes visibility issue when clearing the treeview

Previously, hidden children nodes were not detached from the parent node when treeview was cleared which leads to phantom bugs. It is fixed now.


Documentation update

As usually with each release, this release bring some updates to our documentation:


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Latest release

Release date:
Oct 17, 2016

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