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"Flexible TreeView control by ARMSoft team is definitely the BEST on today's market. In need to have a hierarchical grid I was looking for different products but there is nothing even close to this very impressive tool. My experience was not as great as it sounds now: using Windows 8.1 operating system and first try to use Flexible TreeView has failed: trial version did not want to be installed. But competitors of similar tools was much poor in their functionality so I decided to dive a second chance to Flexible TreeView and it was really good decision: ARMSoft support team in a very professional manner find the way to correct the installation issues on Windows 8. Using their Samples Suite – I created a prototype of using Flexible TreeView in our application and purchase was immediately approved by bosses – tool works fine and shows incredible functions.
Major issue with this tool – it is NOT EASY to use its functionality, so my suggestion for ARMSoft: keep your Samples Suite as a nice demo but at the same time break that application for 10-15 smaller sample applications, make code less fancy (code is really nice but do not help much in case to learn how to use this control), more simple and straight – that will help a lot for users and left less questions for support team.
On the other hand - support is GREAT – I personally ask for help with some functions and in a very timing manner got not only answers but the small applications with asking functionality! That was very helpful!
As I see – ARMSoft is a team not only of high-level professionals – programmers, but a wonderful team of responsible people, who proud of their product and proud of service they are providing for programmer community. Good luck!"

Alex Kudin -

"I must say very impressed with customer service. Best I`ve had to date!"

Jeremy Grant

"I would like to say to you and your team that your product great and I love it."

Laurent Mimmo - Inforius

"Your tree seems like the most dynamic tree out there and allows us the flexibility to design a tree for many purposes in our application. We were looking for a tree with multiselect and grid support and we found more than we could have imagined with your tree. Your tree includes the ability to put anything and everything into it except the kitchen sink. It is very versatile. We very much find appealing expanding nodes and soft/hard select capabilities along with the ability to design each column independently. The quick turnaround in customer support is a big plus too."

Marcel Heimlich - eSimulation, Inc.

"Thanks for the great product. After spending many hours researching treeview and grid control for our new application, we found Flexible TreeView and it is the best tree control on the market. It has very useful features like expanding nodes and text wrapping that make it possible to represent data to a user in a very professional way. We like the Flexible TreeView architecture because we can include in it anything we want."

Creg Anderson - Elector Corp.

"We bought almost all major vendors` control packs within the last 11+ years and want to say that none of them (treelist controls) come close to your treeview component’s functionality and flexibility. Flexible TreeView has many useful features like any control hosting, expanding nodes and an incredible ability to override both appearance and behavior so we can create exactly the tree that we need. The most useful treeview`s feature we have ever seen is your expanding nodes. It gives us the ability to create very “clear” treeviews while showing valuable info for separate nodes. And of course your support is superb!"

Anthony Harrison - Cargo Software, Inc.

"Our primary requirements when working with third-party vendors are reliability and quick support because we work in a very dynamic niche. By both parameters, your company is the best we have ever worked with. Your professional, almost real-time support is very valuable to us."

Jane Mentis - TV Metrix

"When we looked for a good controls pack for our application, we initially went with a big vendor. But when we discovered your component, we didn`t have any doubt that this was what we needed. Your product is far far beyond any existing treeview component out there; it has an outstanding and very useful features set."

Gregor Daschek - Inclusion Soft, Inc.

"You`ve created such a great product that our users don`t want to use any other hierarchical data presentation style in our application. Your flexible API allows us to create a very nice UI in a minute. Also, your support is very good and professional."

Jim Corner - Attractive Studio

"Flexible TreeView is an outstanding product! We use it in all our applications and our users are very happy with its flexibility and functionality. We like that we can change anything we want to seamlessly integrate it into our application."

Mike Mengton - Igmajet

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Black Friday is going to come while our 50% discounts already here. Go get it!

Flexible TreeView v5.1
Monday, 17 October 2016

We are happy to deliver v5.1. A lot of changes and improvements!

Flexible TreeView v5.0
Sunday, 24 April 2016

v.5 is here! Just one but significant feature - the nodes visibility filtering, is here!

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Oct 17, 2016

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